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April 2013 - Lovibond® Scuba II Wins Golden Wave Award

The Lovibond® Scuba II domestic digital photometer has won the prestigious Golden Wave award from Europe’s pool & spa magazine, “Schwimmbad & Sauna”. This award is presented every two years to the most innovative product design for the leisure industry. The judging panel comprises renowned and experienced specialists from swimming pool manufacturers. The Scuba II won first place in the Water Treatment & Chemicals category, beating nearly 110 products in the competition.

One of the main criteria for this award is the practical use of the product. The Scuba II enables controlled measurements of pool and spa water: easily, immediately and accurately. Immersing the unit fills the integrated measurement chamber with water. A reagent tablet can then be added to generate a characteristic colour which is measured using the photometric principle and displayed as a figure on the screen. With five different parameters being measured in less than 10 minutes, it is the ideal solution for the discerning domestic pool or spa owner.

Martin Woelk, Sales Manager at our branch in Germany, accepted the award.

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