Lovibond® Water Testing Tintometer® Group


Lovibond® Commitment to product quality is fundamental on delivery and throughout the product’s lifetime. All Water Analysis products are supplied with 2 years’ warranty on all parts and labour. Thereafter, further packages are on offer guaranteeing well-maintained products and accuracy of readings.

A Calibration Facility is also available at the company’s headquarters in Wiltshire. All calibrated instruments are returned with a Certificate of Calibration, enabling confidence in the precise measurements expected of the Lovibond® brand.

Photometer Service

Expedited turn-around

Service, Calibration and Repair

Calibration Certificate

Repair Report

Instrument Calibration

Visual Quality Check on parts and housing

Additional quotation for all required repairs or updates*


Calibration Certificate

*additional charges are dependent on instrument type

Warranty Repair

Visual Quality Check on parts and housing


Repair Report

Please note Warranty Repairs do not include a calibration certificate


For further details or to request an SD (Service Department) number for return of instrument, please contact our Service Department.

For service information in India, please contact the Lovibond® Indian Office.


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