Lovibond® Water Testing Tintometer® Group


Water analysis is about more than health and safety or regulatory compliance. Regular in-house water sampling also contributes to extensive cost savings in today’s industry and peace of mind.

The Lovibond® Environmental Water Analysis equipment is extremely user friendly and proven to be exceptionally reliable and accurate. The range spans from the entry-level Visual Kits through Single Parameter portable units to multi-functional, multi-parameter photometers.

Many of the digital kits also offer the ability to download results for traceability and historic reporting.

Water analysis with Lovibond® instruments provides the additional benefit of flexibility in choice of reagents. The new Lovibond® photometer range offers the choice of Tablet, Powder and/or Liquid reagents, all manufactured under stringent quality demands and sealed with the Lovibond® brand.

The product range incorporates instruments to measure parameters from Alkalinity to Zinc including effluent treatments such as BOD, COD and Turbidity.

The Lovibond® Environmental Product Range comprises:

Automatic Instruments for Water Analysis
Visual Water Testing Kits

Electrochemistry Meters
Kits for BOD and COD Analysis

Burette, Digital and Drop Test Titration

Thermocabinets and Incubators

Reagents for all Parameters


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